Profusion of Aspen — Finished

Profusion of Aspen — Finished

Nov 6, 2022, Sun — Profusion of Aspen — Finished! Somehow, this painting came together in the nick of time. I was back in the art studio today to finish it up and get things ready for transport to Sacramento Giclee tomorrow for image capture. Though it’s not one of my stronger paintings, I’m relieved to feel satisfied with it and call it finished. 

This piece is staying home as it’s too wet to travel. It was a good piece to learn from. I told myself the composition was weak to begin with, and tried to warn myself away from painting it. But did I listen? No, I did not. The silver lining is, this is how I learn. I’ve never been one to learn the easy way. 

It was one of those times when I needed to make a decision and start painting SOMETHING since I only had four partial days to complete it before I left the studio for a week. So I rushed into a decision instead of my normal routine which would have been to cast about more for a better subject. And as I think about it, when I have these little windows of just 2-3 days, the thing to do is a small flower. I like that strategy a lot! I need to organize all my flower photos for just such an opportunity in the future. 

But, no harm no foul. It’s sweet. It’s colorful. And well… I love you little painting! Some of you little ducklings end up being my personal touchstones. 

I looked up synonyms for profusion and the Merriam Webster thesaurus was fabulous!! So many great words like bevy, embarrassment, epidemic, plentitude, multiplicity, and many more. I so love words. (OMG, I almost forgot to play Wordle today!) I thought about naming it “Aspen Epidemic” because they are so skinny. And “Multiplicity of Aspen” has a certain sophistication. But after my laborious research of clicking this one button, I went back to my inventory list where I had already named it “Profusion of Aspen” and I decided I liked that name just fine. 

Here is it is below from my iPhone. 

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Profusion of Aspen, 20×24 in, oil on canvas by Lauren Forcella, iphone shot in studio
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