About The Paintings

About The Paintings

My self-taught art journey has led me through several painting styles and periods described below from earliest beginnings to present day:

The Journey Begins

Impressionistic landscape paintings in acrylics:

I began my painting journey doing vivid, colorful, emotionally-energized impressionistic landscapes using acrylics. I can recall the energy, freedom and excitement as if it was yesterday. Being self-taught, I didn’t know the words then, but these were done “alla prima”, each brush stroke laid down wet-on-wet. Even though they were acrylics I would work that quickly and with that much paint. The paintings would be completed on the spot and I rarely had a work in progress for the first two years of painting.

The Rose Period

Contemporary museum-quality floral paintings:

My second period called me to paint flowers, mainly the Rose. Eventually this symbol of life and the divine feminine, swept me away on her journey and dominated my painting world for several years. From the Rose, I became a master at on-canvas blending and using light and dark colors to evoke depth through curvature and dimensionalization (including depth of feeling). My rose period began in acrylics and after a couple years, I added oils to my repertoire, which allowed for even more precise blending of colors.

Magical-Realism Dreamscapes

Mixed-Media Paintings:

I remain inspired and excited about these semi-abstract mixed-media art pieces. Both the technique and the materials are of my own creation, consisting of a stage-one slurry of sand, leaves, crushed eggshells, and dry tempura, followed by stage two of flattened eggshells and acrylics, both stages following my own artistic technique that I call dream interpretation, which is initially abstract, and then loosely interpreted. These one-of-a-kind, extremely-textured, almost 3-D, artworks can be very heavy (some less so as I learned they could be done on a smaller scale using stretched canvas) and required a lot of space, both material and psychic, and the ability to work flat as well as vertical. Someday, with a different studio, I may return to this style.

Telling Stories 

Contemporary expression paintings:

Most of the paintings in the Cosmic and Love Soul Spirit galleries fall into this category. This has been a small stream of paintings that has flowed throughout the other periods. Being a writer, I am telling stories with these paintings and because there are no words, the viewer is able to find their own story in them. The artworks benefitted from both my skill in impressionism and the finely-tuned blending and rendering I learned during the Rose period.

Present Day — Back to Nature

Contemporary impressionistic landscape paintings in oils:

The vivid, emotional, wild-nature impressionistic landscape paintings of my current period are a return to my roots — only now using oils instead of acrylics and with 20 years of technique and composition behind me. I rejuvenate in Nature, so this return in late 2016 to the generous paint, vivid brushstrokes and loose compositions that recreate these scenes from Nature is very healing. I receive inspiration for these paintings from photos I take while hiking and backpacking as well as during quiet activities like earthing and forest bathing (sounds pretty ‘out there’, but if you haven’t recently walked a mile barefoot on an earthen path, or napped in a forest, I can’t recommend it enough). Back in the studio, I strive to recreate onto the canvas the spiritual essence and wildness of being in Nature.