Napa or Bust

Oak and Vines, hanging now at Paraduxx Winery in Napa.

Who Loves Mustard?

Beating the heat. 109F inside the studio today. What does this have to do with Dijon?

A True Artistic Soul

Muff (left) and my mom, Barbara (right), circa 1939. Outlaws from the beginning.

Scenic Maui Beachfront SOLD!

Maui Sundown, 40 x 50 in, oil on canvas by Lauren Forcella

24 Karat Thoughts

Dec 19, 2022, Mon — Headaches are my Achilles heel. And ever since I woke up the morning of leaving on that aforementioned jet plane of my last blog, I have had a non-stop headache. From a kink in my neck that I woke up with and which I can’t seem to resolve. Including with […]

Leaving On A Jet Plane

Dec 15, 2022 Thurs — Apparently a million people have signed on to chatGPT since it started 5 days ago, crashing the site. Hmm… what does a real human write about? Versus a chat bot? And how can we distinguish the two? (Woe unto high school and college teachers.) Mine will be evident because of its […]