Shipping Your Painting


Shipping of your original is free and fully insured for delivery within the United States.

For international sales, you will need to use our contact form to arrange the sale. Please include the name of the painting, your name and shipping address and we will write back with payment options. For international sales, shipping and insurance will run approximately 10% of the cost of the painting and will be more precisely calculated following receipt of your order. 

For online orders, following checkout, we will send confirmation of sale to your email and upon shipping the piece will email you tracking and delivery date information. 

We ship through both UPS and FedEx. Your artwork is safe and professionally packed in puncture-resistant shipping materials. Larger paintings, (generally greater than 48 x 64 inches, with some variability) are carefully shipped in a custom wooden crate.

Your painting is 100% guaranteed to arrive safe and sound with a 7-day exchange policy.