24 Karat Thoughts

24 Karat Thoughts

Dec 19, 2022, Mon — Headaches are my Achilles heel. And ever since I woke up the morning of leaving on that aforementioned jet plane of my last blog, I have had a non-stop headache. From a kink in my neck that I woke up with and which I can’t seem to resolve. Including with my quarter and zowie, half doses, even gadzooks, three-quarter doses, of Excedrin migraine formula. And their “massage device” which I’ve been necking with like a lover. Bring out the 24 Karat thoughts. And fast!

Such is my Achilles heel being a real heel on this otherwise amazing little break. I am finding if difficult to “jump” into the list of “things to do” while I’m here. Or even to journal. Or do my breathing exercises. My funk notwithstanding, the lion’s share of this de-motivation is from this poker behind my left temple. And my tiny laptop which keeps my head at a downward angle. 

Tans and Touché Moments

I have gotten a slight tan from chatting on the chaise with my daughter. Not exactly a 24 Karat tan, you have to have my daughter’s skin for that. It’s been freezing at night, but during the day, their porch gets super warm facing the south sun. And I’ve gotten a lot of walks in on the country roads here. Up hill and down, so lovely. 

The touché moment came from reading John Naughton’s blog today. He referenced an article that said exactly what I did in my last blog (last two blogs?). Which is that to stand out from AI writing going forward, you will need to be original. Which is humor in my assessment. Not that humor is easy with a headache. And guess what, AI will learn humor, too, ultimately. Good thing I’m an impasto painter. It’s a creative act not easily duplicated by machines. I know… 3-D printers are killing it right now, and someone will make an app that will break out colors in a photograph, or AI generated images, with shadows like those of impasto brushwork. 

But what about Dubai for the holidays? Or snorkeling off the emerald coastline off Thailand? I have to think about these things! Especially since I’ve been talking about headaches for heaven’s sake. And how AI is going to fuck up all the human creativity in the world. Time to break out the 24 karat thoughts dear and let’s party like it’s the end of the world.

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Island Plumeria, 24 karat gold in a flower, 18 x 36 in, oil on canvas by Lauren Forcella
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