Wind is at my back with perfect palm painting

Wind is at my back with perfect palm painting

June 19, 2022 — Wind is at my back with perfect palm painting. This is a bit of an exaggeration. It is more of an attempt to write a compelling and maybe? SEO-rich title. OMG, SEO again, sorry.

Early Digression

If I may digress, though, (notice that’s the name of this section? Doing that gave me a good readability score, btw), it’s actually my favorite guilty habit to say OMG, only not as an acronym. Please. That would be like saying period, or lol, in speech, which I have done. Very embarrassing. But back to OMG. I feel like a gay guy fully embracing my femininity when I say this. Being feminine on steroids. I adopted it from one of my favorite gay men, Hank, who signed Jarrad so many years ago as their top model. He kept running his fingers through Jarrad’s bangs, saying over and over, “Oh my god, oh my god,” in full flaming mode. A small group was crowded around, myself included, agreeing mightily. Jarrad just sitting there grinning. 

Returning to the topic

Now you know the important genesis of me saying oh my god, whenever I’m astounded or frustrated, or bored to tears (it’s very all-purpose, like the word fuck, another favorite). So let’s get back to the exaggeration about the wind at my back with the perfect palm painting. 

I am making progress, but I would say I’m still in a headwind, sun in my eyes, squinting hard to figure out how to right the wrongs. I’ve moved forward at this point to the palm itself and luckily that is going very well. I got all the fronds up today, and it is huge, so this is saying something.  Tomorrow, I should be able to finish integrating these long skinny leaves with the sky. This part has been really fun and will continue to be. It’s so fluid and familiar even as it is my first ever palm tree. 

It’s the lowest third of the painting that I’m not sure of. But I’m over struggling with it and am going to finish the upper half (the palm integration) where the wind IS at my back in the perfect palm painting, and then I will know what to do with the bottom to tweak the colors. THEN it will be revealed! I have confidence.

(So much for placing the stroke where I want it to remain lol, even as it is my striving.) This one will have to be reworked in this bottom section. Hah! It already has been four times, well documented in this bliggity blog. And still needs more. It might actually be the yellow that isn’t working. Or it will work once the rest is done. As I said, it will be revealed… suspenseful music playing…

The painting is below. As I close, I warmly invite you to be the first to see new work by signing up for my newsletter here.

Perfect Palm Painting by Lauren Forcella, in progress
Perfect Palm Painting by Lauren Forcella, in progress
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