Wild Wild Parsnip

Wild Wild Parsnip

Aug 28, 2022, Sun — Why is it, I keep painting invasive flowers? The latest is wild parsnip, or wild wild parsnip, in a nod to the documentary on Rajneesh Puram. It is a beautiful, albeit weedy-looking, yellow flower that I’ve always thought was a yellow version of Queen Anne’s Lace. Since I always look things up now, I am embarrassed to report that it’s actually a nuisance invasive species, and I’m doing another nuisance painting! A gorgeous nuisance, but still. 

So, that’s what I started painting today. The gorgeous nuisance known as wild parsnip. I do love the look of this flower and its lacy delicate spray of tiny blossoms. I’ve wanted to paint if for a long time, but didn’t feel up to the challenge. Then, when I was visiting A and we did those sunset takeout dinners along the beach near Gaviota, I got such nice pics of it with the ocean and sunset behind. 

Apparently, the stems and flowers have an oil that will cause quite a rash if you run up against it. I had no idea. In fact, the things I learn doing this blog! Get this: regular garden-variety parsnip (hah, literally), can do the same thing. You have to harvest the root carefully. Wild and garden varieties are both edible. At least we won’t starve.

Wonderful to be back at the easel today. Hope I can finish this in time before leaving for Colorado as to not be too stressful.

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Lauren Forcella

Lauren Forcella

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