Who Loves Mustard?

Who Loves Mustard?

July 6, 2024, Saturday — Who Loves Mustard? Who doesn’t love mustard is probably a better question. I worked another six hours today on mustard. Inside temp 109F. That’s giving it out for mustard!

Who loves mustard? All for the mustard!!

Okay, that was a little wild and crazy. But not the working conditions anymore. I’m so “hosed down” it’s hardly a concern. My new get up is the bomb. I described the latest addition to the wet look in yesterday’s blog with the Arabian style headgear. Well today, I started out with it (rare selfie included), no waiting around to “get hot”, nope, it was already 100F when I started. This, along with full length pants over the top of the knee-high footless support socks, and I was super comfortable all day, and able to concentrate.

On mustard on course. Who loves mustard?

Soo excited about the piece! It’s a big field of mustard flowers under an outrageous sunset. Line of huge oaks separating the two. Two more days and I’ll show you. I ended up taking down the fence today. I had a fence, an old dilapidated fence across the foreground. A typical scene where you see mustard flowers is anywhere there is agriculture. So old fencing is kind of a theme. The mustard part of this scene, by the way, was inspired by some undulating mustard fields I saw outside Santa Ynez. Probably in that case, old cattle land. Anyway, the fence was cool, but I felt like it got all the attention, so poof, I disappeared it. Great call! I’m glad I spent the time on the demo, even though it slowed me down.

Came back into the relative cool of the house at 4PM, ate lunch and got my legs horizontal while reading The Immortal King Rao by Vauhini Vara (hugely decorated with awards, including the 2023 Pulitzer shortlist). Vauhini Vara, what a great and unforgettable name! I love it when things coincide. I just watched Origin, the movie, a couple of days ago, about caste and among other examples, Dalits (the untouchables of India). Then yesterday I start this book, also featuring Dalits.

Then I took a nap. I’m up now, just strained off my latest batch of beet kvass. Now I’m writing my bliggity blog. Just for you, no pressure or anything. Then will do my kundalini practice, 30 minutes of wild ass breathing and flailing of limbs, torso, etc. Cool, huh? Okay, that’s all I got. Oh, wait, a few words for the Seeing Eye Order of the hundredth power: Dijon, Dijon, Dijon. Dijon, France. Famous burgundy wine growing region in France. Also famous for its mustard I presume?? Another place mustard flowers go crazy: vineyards! Barcelona. Mediterranean cruise. Etna Volcano, Sicily. And for even bigger fun, Browse my originals gallery, browse prints, and sign up for my monthly newsletter

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