What on Art Happened Today? 

What on Art Happened Today? 

June 27, 2022 — What on art happened today? The answer is, it’s complicated. Isn’t everything art? Isn’t life art? It would be better if we looked at it that way. I like to consider my entire life an artist’s date. Which, of course, includes practical things, such as today running by the studio in 102 degree hell heat of Redding to fill my car with cardboard leaves and blankets in preparation for loading the car tomorrow morning from home. Hopefully before the heat gets above 90. 

So what else on art happened today? Standing up straight? That’s one the hardest arts. V says to think of your body as if you are a star.

What else is Art?

Is marketing art? Good marketing is definitely an art. Is talking to friends art? Being a good friend is also an art. Artfulness makes everything work better and be more fulfilling. We are artful creatures at core. 

On the marketing standpoint of art, I did, this morning, look over the website and all the work I did there yesterday. I forgot to mention yesterday that I also created a new “shop original” block on the home page. There hadn’t been one before, only a small Shop Originals button at the top which is easy to overlook with all the big blocks that follow and are so magnetic. You just want to keep scrolling to see what they are. So now, I fixed that. Now you can’t miss the invitation to see the originals. I placed the new Pele’s Kitchen painting opposite it. Hot, hot, hot!!

This is a day I do not feel like blogging. I would prefer the art of falling asleep. Or maybe eating some more dinner. I did artfully make a yummy batch of salad dressing when I got home. And made an artful lettuce-wrap hamburger. My God, that burger was pure art and pure delicious. And I did talk to friends, and one more friend I will call when I finish this. 

Tomorrow I will artfully load the car with 24 pieces of art. Nobody can believe I can fit 24 paintings in the Prius. And truth be told, I’m not sure if I can! I have gotten 18 in there before with a bit of room to spare, so I think I can do it, but it will require artfulness and mindfulness.

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