What Happened to Me (and my Tesla)?

What Happened to Me (and my Tesla)?

Nov 20, 2022, Sun — What happened to me (and my Tesla)? I’ve lost my head of steam on the daily blog. I knew it was fragile arrangement, but I really fell off the wagon. Firstly from being gone for six days and not taking my computer because I thought it was broken. It wouldn’t turn on the morning I left after repeated attempts (and got hot in the process). Fortunately, when I got home, before I took it to my sexy nerd at Nerds on Call, I decided to try turning it on… and it worked. Phew!

And secondly because shortly after I got back, I worked with my web guy to help me add the interview and billboard to my home page. He admonished me gently for doing the art diary, instead of blogging about “subjects that people who buy art are interested in.” Like what?? Wine? Cars? Horses? Rolex watches? He said to get back into the AI writer and do articles on such subjects. OMG, so depressing. Have you ever used AI Writer? It’s so dull and empty. I really hate it. It produces a super poorly written 2000 word bullshit article on whatever you ask it to write. And I had to pay $28/month as I had run out of free articles. (Some of you may have encountered my “Artful Gents” (that’s code for AI) articles when I first started the blog.) 

Anyway… so I paid for AI writer and thought I would take the artificial bull by the horns and employ AI Writer and spend my 30 minutes editing the stupid thing because the writing is hideous, instead of my 30 minutes writing my diary. Well, kill me. That’s my conclusion. Honestly, I can’t do it. 

So I’m back to a real diary. Versus a case of diaryha. Screw the SEO. Or maybe I’ll say a word about fine cigars, or Teslas in each article. Like just now. Done! And how was that Gamay Beaujolais? (How did I possibly spell that correctly?) And are we meeting in the Maldives for Christmas my love? 

Shout OUT interview with artist Lauren Forcella

Okay, calm down young lady. Because there are real diary concerns to share. Yes, there are!! Specifically,  I want to share with you the Shout OUT! video interview with Phillip Ellering on my newish, little-usedish Youtube channel. I posted it yesterday to FB, and today to IG. I think my followers are thrilled to see me and hear me for once, haha. Enjoy the video!

We’re at word count. So what happened to me (and my Tesla)? is I am back (with my Pruis, lol). None of this artificial intelligence bs. Welcome once again to my very own art diary!  As usual, to make the little man happy, I need an internal link. Let’s try the Collectibles page. The umbrellas are a hit! 

Shout OUT interview
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Lauren Forcella

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About Lauren Forcella

Painting nature is my way of being devotional to this beautiful planet we’ve been born to. I strive to bring onto the canvas the livingness, aliveness, and wildness of this wonderland we call Earth… Read More

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