What Even?

What Even?

Sep 22, 2022, Thurs — What even? How did I used to do this blog every day? I can’t fathom what I would think of to talk about for 300 words. In sentences not longer than 20 words each, and in paragraphs not longer than 150 words. With transition words. And active voice! Or I get the word police giving me a bad face. 

Seriously. I am a total blank. Yes, I could tell you about my day but it is all so freakin’ boring, one foot in front of the next. Okay, if I must, I painted edges today. It’s not that simple to mix a good edge color. I was feeling pretty stoked about how they turned out. And at least I was in the studio right? And the black widows hadn’t moved back in in my absence. 

Is art the center? Or…

Oh, I also rejected the framing job Michael’s did. Go, me! The gal was not too happy with me. But, my God, that’s why I’m paying them for. I personally would never have let this piece out of my studio the way it looked. It is in a floater frame, which I built, btw, and what I hired them to do was build it up a bit and put the art in it CENTERED. Which is where they blew it. And it was not that the painting was warped. It was a fat gap on the west side and a skinny gap on the east side. Come on, guys.

What else did my exciting day entail? Well, my newsletter went out, as scheduled, this AM at 9:30. Fun hearing from folks about the billboard win. Oh, and I got a print order for the main attraction. 

So weird being back home after Colorado. I left in the scorching white hot heat of summer and returned two weeks later to winter. It gets dark early, it’s been raining, I have to pull the drapes to the balcony because I’m paranoid someone is looking in. I hate fall. I get a weird foreboding. Of course, now I have a foreboding going into summer as well. But that one’s different. No wonder I just work my ass off. 

What even? Repeat. Okay, I did it. I’m surely at 300 words. And now for the internal link. Which today will be, won’t you please sign up for my newsletter? And the outbound link? How about browsing originals?

Damn word police. Looks like I have to add a subheading?? Yep. Over and out…

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