What An Awful Day

What An Awful Day

July 9, 2022 — What an awful day. I’ve been fighting an incipient migraine since the moment I woke up and it’s still threatening to overtake me. I have been swallowing ¼ doses of Excedrin migraine formula all day, including one half dose. But I can’t seem to completely shake it. I’m sure the excess of computer time yesterday has everything to do with it, due to neck strain. 

Today was no better. Learn I did. Change my behavior, I did not. I spent a similar amount of time today behind the laptop as well. I did move my Google into Drive D, so that was a coup. And I have figured out that there are 2 Dropboxes as well as two Google Drives. I had a feeling there HAD to be a Dropbox folder in my C drive, it just wasn’t obvious as it was inside the “user” folder. And that I found this morning. Another coup.

Like the other Google Drive, this Dropbox was not in use, but nonetheless taking up a lot of space with all the duplicated files. I haven’t done the final deleting of the C drive Dropbox, but I’ve done enough testing to see that the D drive Dropbox is the one that is responding to me, collecting new files, and syncing and mirroring them. NOT the C drive Dropbox. And deleting files in C drive Dropbox does not delete those in the D drive Dropbox. Which all makes sense, but the files are so freakin’ important for my work, and irreplacable if I screw up and delete them, that that right there is enough to give me a mirgraine.

But I’ve done enough test and reassurance, so it’s just a matter of sleeping on it and I will delete this imposter, or more accurately this ghost of the one I am using now. Then I should see real change in storage capacity on C drive. 

Isn’t this thrilling to hear about what an awful day I’ve had? The details of the tech challenge must be truly heart-stopping. Who needs a Ferris wheel, or the Zipper when you’ve got my exciting world? 

I also got squeezed in for a hair appointment today, a third coup. Did I mention I AM going to Santa Ynez next week after all. K’s Covid lifted and we’re in the clear. So that means some scurrying to reschedule things, my hair appt being the most important. Who would have ever thought I would care! Ah to be even 54 again when my hair was still 98% brunette. Who knows what I am now? I do not let that line show. Probably 50 percent white I’d say, the rest super dark. Net effect: gray. A terrible color on me. Not happening! 

So there you have it, my awful day. I’ve got a phone call with V. L. in a minute, then I’m going to watch more Ted Lasso. Hah! 

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