Volcanic Night at Costco

Volcanic Night at Costco

July 5, 2024, Friday — Volcanic night at Costco. Yep, I’m rockin’ it with my nightlife. Good times. Got me some coffee, tomato sauce, olive oil, grass-fed hamburger, bison brats, bone broth, asparagus, yogurt, raspberries, everything organic, well, except for the Tillamook sharp and the avos. Seems like I bought something extravagant… ah, yes, Mexican Cokes. A whole flat. I’m excited.

Volcanic night at Costco. Whoo hoo. So, that passed the evening explosively—and now, this, my blog! You must be thrilled for me.

Earlier in the day of the volcanic night at Costco…

Despite my Friday night fever, or I should say, in addition to, I had a serious art day. I worked in the studio till 2PM and decided more could be seriously hazardous to my health. No exaggeration. I can’t remember working in heat like this. Certainly it got this hot before, but the studios were different. The roof on this one is low pitched, uninsulated and fully exposed to the sun, forcing me to go all in with the Arab look just to survive. The wet version in my case. Not that it was intentional…

Today, in addition to my regular wet look, I sacrificed my hair to the cause and dunked a white towel and draped it dripping wet over my head like a hat, crossing the ends over the front of my neck then throwing them behind me so they could drip down my back. To hold the thing in place I used my purple bandana tied over it around my forehead. Ahh, look at that. Now I get it. The look is by necessity, or was anyway. Though I’m sure air conditioning is the norm now in the Arab states. Anyway, it made the day possible, along with my wet frozen Haflingers on my feet.

It seems like all I blah blah blog about are the climate conditions in the studio! I recall that two summers ago when I was blogging, all I did was talk about the heat and its workarounds. It’s quite stunning is why. I feel like THAT is my biggest accomplishment, not the artwork. Just BEING THERE! I have NO idea how construction workers are out in it running tools and climbing ladders. I’m dying just holding a paint brush. On a less challenging note, I LOVE the painting I’m working on: this big field of mustard at sunset. It’s a big canvas, too, 36 x 48 inches. There’s no way I can take a day off with how fast it is drying. But it’s making me feel alive when I could be face planted. Lots to be grateful for.


Let’s see what words we can use for volcanic night at Costco: I hear Costco pizza is really good. Then there’s pizza in Milan, pizza in Rome, pizza in Venice, pizza at the leaning tower of Pizza, pizza in Sicily, at the foot of Mt Etna volcano, a real volcano blowing its top right now! My daughter is over there and sent me this picture. Here’s the link to the painting of Pele from 2022. And my newsletter signup. Please join!

Mt Etna volcano, Sicily, July 4, 2024

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