Under Paints and Wet Tees

Under Paints and Wet Tees

July 23, 2022 — Now that’s a blog title sure to be picked first should a stray reader wander into this part of the forest hunting for mushrooms. Under paints and wet tees. It’s an apt description of today, alright. At 106-degrees outside, maybe 103 inside? Not sure, the bay door and the manly man door are open to the sun and black asphalt, so I would think something like that. I should get a thermometer and get all proud of my heat data. Surviving hot flashes? You got nothing, babe! 

So under paints and wet tees. Haha, that’s an extra tease to say twice.

Actually, I am pretty proud of knowing how to stay cool without AC. You couldn’t get away with it in a high humidity area, but we are a blast furnace here with zero moisture in the air, so you can stay refreshingly cool by wearing a layer of wet clothes and having a fan on you. Thus the wet tees. And wet crop pants, wet knee socks (with no toes) (free the toes!), wet neckerchief.

Wet and wet again. Every 60 minutes or so. I have a dunk tank for that purpose. It’s called a trash can, only it’s never had trash in it, let’s not get gross. As soon as your clothes dry, it’s horr-i-ble! So, in you go, up to your thighs, off comes the tee, which you dunk and wring, ditto neckerchief. Step back out and viola, brain is working again!

This method would also have problems if you cared about your flooring. But, I love my industrial space with the indestructible cement slab floor. Actually, it’s a rental and they will dock me if I get paint on it. But water? Whatever. Actually, I say whatever to everything because I have all these carpet pieces duct-taped together and they in turn are duct-taped to a big rectangle of interlocking exercise mats where I do most of my work at the easels. Meaning no shoes are needed! It’s good fun here, make all the mess you want!

Victoria’s Secret Sauce

Okay, let’s get to the under paint section of today’s program. The Victoria’s Secret to a great painting: Hot pink underpaints!! Or in today’s case, hot orange, and hot turquoise. Not together. I did two underpaints today. The hot orange will be the secret sauce behind the coastal champagne painting I am going to work on first — starting tomorrow. Whoohoo, excited about that. And the hot turquoise is for the next painting which will be a larger plumeria from Hawaii. I was so happy with the small plumeria I did a few weeks ago, I’m going for a bigger one. 

Well, that’s all I got. Make sure you sign up for my newsletter, alright? And stay cool.

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