To Sac and Back

To Sac and Back

Aug 19, 2022, Fri — To Sac and back. That was my day, starting at 9AM this morning galloping south on I-5 in my trusty steed. Sacramento Giclee, here we come. OMG, so bloody hot today, and smoky. And stinky in my car with the paintings as Plumeria Passion was still a little wet

So I cranked on the A/C using incoming air and it did a pretty good job of filtering. 

Long, long day. But good in that I was in A/C most of the day inside my car. And that I got to talk with 3 good friends, each for about an hour. K morning, C midday, and V midday. And then of course after dropping off and proofing and picking up paintings at Sacramento Giclee, I headed to Chico and spent the afternoon with Muff. I took her to pizza first at Grana… so yummy! Then we had an appointment at The Terraces to see the independent living facility. 

Muff is such a trooper. Here she is, almost 91, I pick her up at “nap time” for most people her age, heck my age, and she is going strong all afternoon. First pizza out on a patio, in 105 degree heat — that wiped ME out! Then The Terraces was a LONG tour, which neither of us expected. We were there for over 90 minutes and lots of walking and talking and standing. Muff just sailed through it all. She was very positive, grateful and poised. She’s truly a delight. AND she went home with a lot of new knowledge. I look forward to talking about it with her next week when I give her a phone call.

To Sac and back is the title, and I did come back… see? here I am faithfully doing my blog. I hope you sign up for my newsletter! And my Facebook page is a lot of fun, too.

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