The Miracle of Coffee

The Miracle of Coffee

Sep 19, 2022, Mon — Darn, I missed two whole days of blogging with the snafu around leaving Colorado. But the miracle of coffee has saved the trip home. I’ve already unpacked, gone grocery shopping, picked up and processed my mail, tended my needy houseplants who hate when I leave them with someone else, AND did laundry. 

I’m talking about the coffee subset called espresso. I am in awe.

Not that I missed two days of coffee along with the two days of blogging! Nothing that disturbing. It’s just that I’ve been soo tired due to two early morning sprints to the airports in a row. On Sunday, I arrived an hour ahead as everyone said to do as the Aspen airport is so small. And there were only 4 people in front of me in line, with 3 checkers working. These guys were on anti-coffee! They could not get to me in time to check my bag!

I felt so bad having to call L again, after he had just finished driving the 45 minutes back home. He drove me in again today, like deja vu, only I got up at 4:30AM instead of 5. In case the droopy skies were still on anti-coffee. 

They rerouted me on three different planes: Aspen to Denver to LAX to Redding. Not being a first-thing coffee drinker, I figured I would get breakfast and coffee in Denver. But after we boarded and taxied, they turned the engines off for 45 minutes for some kind of takeoff issue. OMG, I thought surely I would miss the connecting flight to LAX. But the attendant in Denver at the ramp exit told me the gate number and said, GO! DON’T STOP! So I beat feet, no stopping, and you guessed it: no coffee!

Not that I needed coffee for that cross airport race. I dug deep. No way did I want to spend the night in the Denver Airport. But before and after the foot and suitcase race, I could not keep my eyes open for anything! My poor neck flopping all about on two different flight. Finally in LAX I had a full hour layover. I got food and my standard 3-shot Americano, with lots of ice and a full ⅓ cup of heavy cream. Ahh, the miracle of coffee!!

It was seriously life changing and I had to tell you all about it 🙂

And now, for the SEO police, who are always on strange drugs, wouldn’t you like to browse my calendar of events?

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