Thank You, Plumeria Delight

Thank You, Plumeria Delight

Aug 7, 2022, Sun — Thank you, Plumeria Delight. After that blue day yesterday, or as its extension, I proceeded to have the worst insomnia. I was still awake (in bed and often out, I would get so bored) at 4:30 AM. Right when a lot of my friends are waking up! I did fall asleep then, after a real meal of scrambled eggs with spinach, heirloom tomatoes on the side. And slept till 8AM, then back to sleep till 10. Somehow I feel pretty darn great today. In fact, quite great. The blues are gone, for one.  

Replaced by yellow! I think I will name this new beauty on the easel Thank you, Plumeria Delight. Just a joke, but I do think I might name it Plumeria Delight. I’ll leave off the thanks, at least in the title. It is so wonderful for my psyche to paint with all this yellow. I’ve got to remember this for next August. 

Super excited and grateful for this canvas! 

In other thrilling news…

Yep, three cheers, I moved through my funk and put up a dating site. Just tonight, right before this blog. Hope springs eternal. I’ll keep the name of the platform private so I don’t encourage all you stalkers reading my blog. Haha. Thankfully, I found where I had saved the general description of myself that I’d used on Green Singles, which I deleted after 3 torturous weeks. I basically dropped that in with a few edits. Save me, Dear God. 

Just FYI, of the matches they have sent me so far, not one guy has said anything about himself beyond three misspelled sentences, one of which was truly incoherent. Ahh, I see that’s cuz the filters were set for local (dare I say more). And now I’ve got them stretched to their max of 250 miles which thankfully, gets me to San Francisco. I wish it would go further… maybe Alpha Centauri.

I always think of M, K’s friend who wrote in her profile that she was looking for a guy who was 6’3” and a millionaire. K said, you can’t write that! And M said, watch me. Well, from that site, she met and is married to guy who is 6’3” and who just sold his newest company for $64M. I mentioned this latter part the other day as I was fantasizing that they might want to adopt an artist. 

Okay, I’m think we’re good here. Wish me luck sleeping tonight. Need some mojo, here’s the link to the earlier plumeria painting, Island Plumeria.

Island Plumeria, 18 x 36 in, oil on canvas by Lauren Forcella
Island Plumeria, 18 x 36 in, oil on canvas by Lauren Forcella
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