Thank You For Your Purchase!

Thank you and congratulations on purchasing fine art from Lauren Forcella Fine Art! 

Art is known for its ability to both inspire and soothe. The presence of a favorite piece of art lights up the same parts of your brain as being in love. With proper care, your original painting will provide many lifetimes of these good feelings.

By now you should have received an email receipt for your purchase from Paypal and can log into your Paypal account to view your transaction if you wish.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery as each print is custom made to your specifications, and for each original, depending on size, we may need to build a custom crate to ship your piece.  Either way, your artwork is in good hands and guaranteed to arrive safely. Once your artwork is in transit, you will receive a tracking number.

To learn more about the care, lighting, hanging and framing of your original painting, see our article on Product Care. For more about the shipping of your original, see our article on Shipping.

Thank you so much for collecting one of my paintings. I wish you and your family a lifetime of love and beauty! —Lauren