Thank you for your purchase!

Thank you so much for purchasing a Lauren Forcella fine-art giclee print!

You not only are making your space more beautiful, gazing upon a favorite piece of art lights up the same parts of your brain as being in love, so you have also invested in your personal well-being today. Congratulations!  

To get the most out of your giclee print, click here for care and display tips: Care & Display of your Giclee Print

Each print is custom-made so allow 2-3 weeks for printing and delivery. Your print is guaranteed to arrive undamaged. In the rare event it does arrive damaged, DO NOT throw the damaged packaging materials or print away! We need them to get refunded. Contact us here.

Thank you again for purchasing a Lauren Forcella giclee print. May you and your family enjoy a lifetime of love and beauty!

—Lauren Forcella