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Meet Our Past Winners

Maui Sunset 

Nov 28, 2022, Mon — I might have a name for the new painting in progress: Maui Sunset. It’s incredibly beautiful so far, if I

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I’ve Been Framed! 

Nov 9, 2022, Wed — I’ve Been Framed! Subtitle: Prepping for the Art Tour. Tomorrow I’m on the road to the Bay Area. I’m packing

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Aspen Grove Is Grooving

Nov 4, 2022, Fri — Day three proved fruitful with the aspen grove painting. Indeed aspen grove is grooving! Meaning we are almost to groovy.

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I Am On It

Nov 2, 2022, Wed — I Am On It. I’m going to get this new painting done in four days. Day one was today, which

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Hot Pink Underpaints

Nov 1, 2022, Tues — Hot pink underpaints on one canvas, and hot orange underpaints on another. If that sounds sexy, imagine being there in

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Sweet Home Day

Oct 29, 2022, Sat — Sweet home day. Phone calls to friends, zoom calls to friends, as well as miscellaneous art admin and planning. I

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Painting Finished!

Oct 28, 2022, Fri — Painting finished! Yay! As predicted I was in the studio less than an hour and got that last little blip

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Magic Day Ten Aspen Trail

Oct 26, 2022, Wed — Magic Day Ten Aspen Trail. The magic definitely happened today with the foreground. Yesterday’s foreground composition was thankfully not a

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