Thank You Art Giveaway

Thank You


Thank you so much for entering the drawing!

Here is more information about winning this artwork — which you can enjoy for a lifetime to come:

  • Our Art Giveaway winner will be drawn at 5PM PST on April 30, 2019. See Official Rules for more details.
  • The winner will be announced on our Facebook Fan Page, other social media, and our Newsletter. (We will also email you.)
  • The artwork is FREE to the winner (including free shipping), arriving ready to beautify your space.
  • Sharing on social media is appreciated! We want to give everyone a chance to own great art as well as spread the word about Lauren Forcella Fine Art. 

How is Art like Chocolate? They both arouse feelings in the brain similar to being in Love. 

So make sure to share the love by posting on your Facebook page the following message (so your friends and family can enter!). Just copy and paste the message below to your Facebook wall.

I just entered the Lauren Forcella Art Giveaway! You can enter, too, just visit online at

Funnest Way to Know if you Won… is to be connected with us! Here’s how: 

All of these things make it fun and easy to know if you won, plus help you stay connected so you can see the newest art and enjoy our sales and promotions!

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