Sweet Home Day

Sweet Home Day

Oct 29, 2022, Sat — Sweet home day. Phone calls to friends, zoom calls to friends, as well as miscellaneous art admin and planning. I also drove up into the mountains to the hamlet of Weaverville to collect Redwood Sunshine from Highland Art Center and the juried art show which just ended. In which it won first place — fun fact! 

Just hung up from a nice zoom call with friends in Tiberon who I am going to visit in a couple of weeks when I deliver art for the Fulton Crossing Gallery show. Then I had a lettuce wrap hamburger (organic and grass fed, of course) and now I’m blah blah blogging. I should have given this blog a blah blah warning. But maybe something profound will slip out halfway through. What are the odds? Hah. I’m cracking myself up with that one. 

Hmm… what WILL I blog about? In the narrow realm of “art blog”, that is. Sorry guys, my juicier diary is elsewhere. Actually, that one has been thrown onto the dust heap in order to write this one every day. Admittedly, this art blogging does seem to help. I did a ranking search the other day using The Hoth, and well, actually, I don’t really understand it, but the numbers seem pretty good. Mostly I know it’s working because every day I get 1-3 emails from people trying to sell me their SEO skills. It’s hard to believe I have been writing this every day since April (missing just a couple days). And especially fantastic is that I’ve come to enjoy it. It’s a nice unwind at the end of the day.

I do need to figure out key words tho… it’s still a mystery to me.

In conclusion, art is anti-entropy. Art is Avogadro’s number squared on diagonal pieces of toast. It is the 119th element. Art is skipping backwards wearing the ocean as a shawl. Art is playing hopscotch on a Ferris wheel while not disturbing the fruit bats. Keywords are Art. Lauren Forcella Art.

Well that was a sweet home day with a weird ending, haha. Good night to all and to all a sweet art. Join the rain dance by buying a Lauren Forcella Fine Art umbrella through my Contrado store. And please sign up for the Lauren Forcella Fine Art newsletter where I always act normal.

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