Surfing the Wave

Surfing the Wave

July 29, 2022, Fri — Surfing the wave. Yeppa. That be what I did today, and oh, man. Totally swept up in that deep green, was I. And still am. Truly transported. Today I’ll show a picture of this epic surf scene.  

Haha, it’s a tiny little wave, as you see. The big surf break is a bit farther south in Santa Barbara. But this wave is so lovable. This wave is the wavelength of love. You can hug this wave. This wave can lap your inner thighs. This is the wave for a pure bliss experience. 

Are you with me? That’s why you need this painting. In your bedroom.

Surfing the wave at Champagne Beach. Welcome to my journal of soft art….

Warning, even hotter topics ahead

I’m exhausted. That is my excuse. Punchy. I worked 6 solid hours in that heat today. I did do the disappearing iceberg trick, but it only goes so far. Gosh, I should call this my journal of life, art and heat. Are you a heat-seeking artist? Redding, CA is the place for you. Because I’m going to elaborate again, wax hot as they say, on the subject again. You see, I realized today, as the hours extended into 5 and 6, that the part of my body I cannot cool down (besides my head because I don’t want to mess my hair up, but that’s a personal problem), is your eyeballs.

I literally became aware of how hot my eyes were today. I mean, they’re right there, like the skin. Does the eyeball have whatever the skin has to regulate temperature? It’s so weird to think of my poor eyeballs cooking at 100 degrees in there. Think about it, I’m using them constantly and they are not enjoying being covering in wet clothes. I guess my own tears/moisture is what regulates. You wouldn’t want a case of dry eye around there.

I did wrap an ice necklace over them this afternoon for a few minutes (these lame things I bought a couple summers back that are worthless). Trouble is, I can’t work wearing an ice blindfold! Any ideas?

Alright surely at 300 words. See you tomorrow. Please sign up for my newsletter. I promise not to talk about heat there. 

Surfing the wave at Champagne Beach, work in progress by Lauren Forcella
Surfing the wave at Champagne Beach, work in progress by Lauren Forcella
Lauren Forcella

Lauren Forcella

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