Sneak Preview from MADS

Sneak Preview from MADS

Oct 1, 2022, Sat — Can’t believe it’s October already. Please enjoy this sneak preview from MADS digital show in Milan and Barcelona!

Today was also Mount St. Helena day four. It was a great studio day yesterday and today. I finally broke through yesterday and today carried that momentum forward. It’s looking good.

Crazy morning with all the social media! I posted Redwood Sunshine last night on FB, then this morning I realized I really needed to jump on the opportunity to brag about the MADS show which is happening as we speak in Milan and Barcelona. The weekend is the best for posting anyway, and my curator had sent me a video of someone looking at my work on a giant screen hands on, able to expand and move the image. It is just like you can do with images on your phone only this is a giant screen. And the resolution is amazing for only giving them a 25MB file. One of my friends wrote an urgent message about digital protection. They are copyrighted, officially, so I don’t know what else a person can do. I’m certainly not going to watermark them for a show!

So it was my first time posting a video to FB and IG. And I spent a silly amount of time trying to figure out how I can post simultaneously to both my biz FB and biz IG. You’re supposed to be able to do it through the new Meta biz platform, but I never quite figured it out. More like, it seemed like it had a software glitch. Finally, I just posted to them separately. But both through Meta on my laptop, which sure beat posting IG via my phone. And so glad I did take my whole morning up doing this. It’s a really cool video! I tagged Ann Korologos gallery in the post, which prompted them to follow me. 

A good, yet very tiring day, Mount St. Helena day four, and sneak preview from MADS. Pooped! In closing, a warm invite to you to browse my originals gallery, and sign up for my monthly newsletter.

Aspen Sky at MADS. It wouldn’t let me upload a video, but she is moving the image and expanding it with her hands. Very cool!
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