Sleeping on Champagne Beach

Sleeping on Champagne Beach

Aug 2, 2022, Tues — I’m sleeping on Champagne Beach. Meaning I might be finished with the painting, or I might not be. I’ll see what I think when I walk into the studio tomorrow. All I had left to do today was the sky, but truth be told, I don’t always fly the friendly skies. Sometimes it’s a perfect dream, you’re in a glider, all quiet and magical, you cross the horizon like the air is silken, and it’s finished in an hour. Other times, hmmm, what’s a good analogy? Fighter planes spiraling earthward in a plume of smoke, both engines blown to bits?

Yep that’s about right. Luckily there has always been a working parachute and I do a nice land and roll, and get back up in the next plane. I had one painting that crashed 3-4 planes. The Air Force was very upset with me.

It’s so weird later, because I look at some of those skies when I’m handling the images on my website or hanging them in a show, and they look so perfect! Nobody has any idea all the crash landings. I can forget myself if I’m not careful.  

Yep, you guessed it

You’re probably deducing where I’m going. Yep, exactly. I did not fly the friendly skies today over Champagne Beach. At the end of the day, after many changes, I’m still not sure. So I will make my decision tomorrow. Does it get the sky “scraper”, or will it live 300 years?  

So, I’m sleeping on Champagne Beach. Here’s the pic below. What do you think?

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Champagne Beach, in progress by Lauren Forcella
Lauren Forcella

Lauren Forcella

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