Show Up Show Down

Show Up Show Down

July 30, 2022, Sat — Long day taking the art show down from the Highland Art Center in Weaverville, and delivering it for the next show at North Valley Art League. Show up show down. That’s how the art world goes round. Trusty Prius does it again as my chariot. In fact, I loaded from Highland in record time, having been through it just 4 weeks earlier. 

Hopefully the added exposure from these shows will make a difference. They had several near-miss sales, so hopefully, I will hear from these people later when they can’t stop thinking about the artwork.

I’m nearly falling asleep, so I will hope to find 300 meaningful words in a hurry here. The highlight of the day was A.J. who came to see the show from the coast. Talk about magic. Hopefully there will be more to share on this later. Susan, the gallery director sure picked up on it and had some things to say! 

Eager to get back to Champagne Beach tomorrow. I should have it finished by Wed or Thurs. Just in time for the NVAL opening on Friday, meaning I will be feeling good for the opening having the dopamine surge from the finished new work. Radioactive glow will be ON! Sure am feeling droopy at the moment. Probably not enough food today. It was such a weird day, timing wise, for fitting in lunch. But I did bring my trusty jar of peanut butter to the show down and that saved the day. Then scrambled eggs when I got home. I really should eat a little more before bed, which is imminent. Am I at 300 words yet?

I’m reading The Source by James Michener. I got so into Israel from reading Exodus, I decided to tackle Michener on the topic. He’s amazing. We’re still about a century before Christ, the book having started, in classic Michenerian style, about 100,000 years before that. I didn’t realize these early cultures did child sacrifices too, like the Aztecs. So gross. With a similar looking god with that gaping mouth and evil-looking features. Anyone who thinks humanity has gone any way but forward is simply not informed. And not just thinking about this obvious example.

Okay, I’m surely there. Night night. If you’re down, a warm invite to sign up for the Art Giveaway!

Show up show down, Afternoon Delight, aka random act of kindness rose by Lauren Forcella
Show up show down, Afternoon Delight, aka random act of kindness rose by Lauren Forcella
Lauren Forcella

Lauren Forcella

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