Should be Sleeping

Should be Sleeping

Sept 2, 2022, Fri — Or packing at least. But really, I should be sleeping. Life makes me downright tired some days. Of course it is going on 9PM and I’ve been up forever.

I drove 6 hours today to drop off art in Klamath Falls at the Favell Museum. Wow, did I ever have that place mis-pegged. It is really impressive. It’s a true museum of Native American history with an “art show” section. The art show used to feature western art, but as that has waned in popularity, the art has become more contemporary, thus my pieces being requested. The show in there currently, a solo show by a native woman is super contemporary and very very good. I was bowled over by her talent. Big and bold and strong.

The artifacts were also incredible. I was just planning to dip in and dip out, but the show plus the museum stopped me in my tracks. The dioramas with the artifacts made me cry a couple of times thinking about these noble people who lived here in their beautiful, human way not very long ago. Enter the conqueror, European Man, age of Empire. It made me so sad for these people. I felt like I was witnessing the early part of what we are now calling the Holocene mass extinction. It’s utterly shocking how much the world has changed in just 200 years. And where we are going — to hell, perhaps? — nobody knows.

Weed on Fire

On the way home, a fire had started and they diverted us to catch the I-5 farther north. The fire was in Weed. Yes, the name of the town. Yes, in the heart of the Emerald Triangle. They’ve really branded that one on all the chotchkies you can buy in town. 

Finally, driving south on the 5, the freeway paralleled the fire. You could see the line of the fire, the actual flames, the huge rolling, glowing bales of smoke, a weird yellow ochre color in places, the force raw and destructive. It was only 200 yards from the freeway, burning in a straight line, just like we were driving on. Wind determined, of course. No affinity to the freeway, but it did give the impression of an odd orderly feeling. Cal Trans, go team! Line those fires up!

No wonder I’m tired and should be sleeping. Between the museum and the fire, what a wipe out emotionally.

Thanks for reading. May my art inspire greater love and care of Gaia. That is why I paint. It is my joy as well. I invite you to browse originals here.

Okay, I should be sleeping… one more time, all together now.

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