Shake, rattle and roll

Shake, rattle and roll

May 27, 2022 — Shake, rattle and roll… I forgot to tell you about the earthquake! Here I am home again in California, arriving home early hours of this morning, as in 12:15AM, and now almost 24 hour later unpacked, laundered, and Costco-ed back into shape for jumping into my studio routine hopefully tomorrow. Such a productive day I almost forgot about my blog! So I’ll tell you about the earthquake, which is hard to imagine I forgot to write about as it was one of the highlights of the trip, or at least the thing that I can still feel in my body the most. (At least I don’t think I blogged about it, not sure really…. It’s not one of the blog titles. I think I just texted a million people about it.)

We had been to the lava flow that night, standing there in the freezing wind watching the glow from inside the Kilauea crater. I wrote about this. Well, we drove home with the heater on high for almost two hours, finally thawing out by the time we got to Kona. I headed to bed soon after out on the lanai, and Penni stayed up and was sitting at her desk in her room, (where she luckily was able to catch the lamp as it was pitching ass over teakettle to the floor). Right before midnight. Shake, rattle and roll time. 4.7 on the Richter scale, epicenter only 1.9 miles away. OMG, I lived through the Loma Prieta earthquake in 1989, on the San Andreas fault system, epicenter in the Santa Cruz Mountains (lots of casualties and damage), and this moderate Kona quake felt much bigger due to the proximity to ground zero. I felt like was tossed upward in the bed several times, that and stuff was crashing all around. I’m happy to say I actually screamed. Penni says there are earthquakes every day, but she’d never felt anything like this either. We waited awhile for aftershocks besides those of our pounding hearts, but none happened. 

It was a big day for Pele, between the glow and the quake. I was very happy to get a feel for her, without her going too crazy. Just a few things knocked over a few beds snapped like sheets on a line. Pele lite. Pele just making sure you don’t forget. Just letting you know she’s in the other room in between contractions, but at any time, she could decide to give birth and there won’t be any anesthesia…

Shake, rattle and roll, 4.7 quake centered on Kona
Hello Pele. Shake, rattle and roll, 4.7 quake centered on Kona.
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