Scenic Maui Beachfront SOLD!

Scenic Maui Beachfront SOLD!

June 30, 2024, Sunday — Scenic Maui Beachfront SOLD! Indeed, this actually happened this last Thursday, June whatever that was. Today is Sunday so I’ll let you do the math. Poor Maui, I’m still traumatized over the fire in Lahaina, but nothing like the locals must still be. So don’t worry, not selling prime beachfront property to more howlies, just a painting of it. That painting being “Maui Sundown“, inspired by my trip to Maui in spring of 2022 on the Wailea side. A wonderful new collector from Denver, T.V., not to be confused with an idiot box (au contraire, he’s an actual mathematician), purchased it saying it made him feel “all kinds of happy.”

“All kinds of happy”

Now that’s a happy collector. And I’m a happy painter. Mostly. With an extra happy dance when I have a sale. Especially knowing the painting is going to a good home, and having met T.V., I can vouch this is a very good home with lots of love and a big flat 40 x 50 inch painting of Maui on the wall instead of a big flat TV.

So Maui Sundown, wow. This is fascinating that I started up my blog tonight because Maui Sundown was the last painting I did before flying on a jet plane to my daughter’s for winter holidays 2022. My last blog post, until this second, is the post where I talk about a massive headache. Well, that headache was me having Covid. And after I tested positive to know that, and then finally negative, and flew home, I had a lingering cough. You know the drill. It lasted 8 weeks. And it was such a cold winter that year! Way more subzero days than usual. And snow! It snowed 4 times in Redding that winter. All to say, I didn’t dare flirt with long Covid by going to work in my unheated, literally freezing, industrial vermin-infested armpit of a studio while I was recovering from Covid.

And this is when I found my current digs…

Nope. Instead I looked for new artist’s residence with a garage for my studio. You see, the whole problem was my current artist residence did not have a garage, hence having to rent this godforsaken industrial space studio that flooded with every passing storm and was crawling with cockroaches. It was a nightmare. All this backstory to say that Maui Sundown was the last painting I made before getting on that jet plane, contracting Covid (I masked on the plane, but my daughter and her hubby took me to CLUBS where everyone hugged me as exalted mother of said daughter), returning to subzero winter, and instead of painting, rampaged to find a new artist’s residence with attached studio. Which I did! And moved two months later. Poor Maui Sundown was abandoned in my studio with the permanent lake without a final polish. And so was my blog abandoned. Until NOW!!!

Cue up: Scenic Maui Beachfront SOLD!

Fast forward 18 months to June 2024 and I have a potential buyer! (One more time for good SEO measure: Scenic Maui Beachfront SOLD!) So I bring out the suspect, Maui Sundown, and give it a good ten times over. Which leads to a little dab here, a little dab there, and, wow, the left side sunset is leaving me hanging, let’s fix that. Six hours later, now this painting is finally finished! The result being that it was still wet when T.V. arrived and I was hoping the whole adventure wasn’t a dumb mistake. Nope he loved it. It made him “all kinds of happy”. BUT, it meant he couldn’t take it home because it was wet. Silver lining there being that I wanted to get a new image capture of it anyway. So, renegade painting, now reformed, will be sent to him rolled in a couple of weeks.

Wasn’t that exciting?! Aren’t you glad I’m back with all the blah blah you could hope for? Not to mention cosmic coincidences!! And you can be sure I’m not using AI. This thing is rambling like a Ford with three wheels. Or a Rambler, they were the naturals at this. And let’s not forgot the Doge Dart Swinger, always pulling to the gutter.

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