Saint Helena Insurmountable?

Saint Helena Insurmountable?

Oct 8, 2022, Sat — Saint Helena Insurmountable? It’s a little play on words for how inscrutable and moody is this mount. I came into the studio around noon today, thinking to briefly polish up any loose ends and sign it, and ended up being swept away on a new concept. Namely to jewel tone the hell out of it. As I always say, when in doubt, use purple. 

How it happened was, I mixed the most beautiful bright red purple when I walked in and it looked so good in the spot I was “fixing” that I went crazy and applied that color all over the left forest. Everywhere there was black, there was now purple. And some places there was purple, there is now black again. Because I got a little carried away. 

And true to this painting, I got home and looked at the new photos compared to the one I was ready to sign, and I like the older version better. FUCK!!!

When in doubt do NOT use purple, at least not EVERYWHERE!

Actually, the jury is out… I’ll have to see again in the morning. It looked so good in person I was surprised that I preferred the old photo, because when I was there, I really liked all the purple. The bright purple in the shadows, instead of black in the shadows somehow integrated the foreground with the segmented blue hills in the middle ground. It felt like a revolution for the painting.

Hopefully I just overdid it. I’ll decide tomorrow. Needy moody little creature. We need counseling!

While you’re waiting for the next incarnation of Saint Helena Insurmountable, I invite you to browse my originals gallery, sign up for my monthly newsletter and pursue the calendar of events for a show near you.

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