Rocking the Aspen Trail

Rocking the Aspen Trail

Oct 21, 2022, Fri — Wow, we are rocking the aspen trail. Something is happening to me for sure. I seem to be painting differently. Maybe looser? Better? I am moving forward in faith that it is positive. Haha, actually, it occurs to me as I write this that the whole shift I’m feeling is due to my complete lack of brushes! Which is causing me to be using giant brushes where smaller ones might be better? Thus the looser look? I have finally ordered more and they should be here soon. I sure hope I like them. 

Oh, that reminds me. I wanted to (once again) go back through my order history on Cheap Joes, Utrecht, and Jerry’s Artarama and find the order for the Kolinsky brushes that are worn out that I love so much. I’ve done this before and for some reason I can’t seem to find anything in the order history that matches the brushes in hand, at least what I can still see of them through all the paint. Nonetheless, like anything that’s lost, you keep looking in the same spots over and over. Amazing how that can work. So, I want to try it again. 

Another thought is that the brushes look differently now? They changed the color or something? They do that with my other favorite products all the time. Why not brushes? 

In desperation, I bought some brushes at Michaels at the beginning of this painting. They are total shit. I cannot bear to use them. And not because I’m “spoiled” but the difference is shocking. So instead, I am using the two barely serviceable brushes that have survived the 2.5 years since I bought them, and over 50 paintings. I am cleaning these up each time I need to change colors, which is constantly and a giant pain. But the difference in how the paint looks applied is astonishing between these old and totally bitten down Kolinsky’s and the brand new brushes from Michaels.  

I’ve had a brush with cheap brushes this week! I need a drink! Haha. No more of that shee for this chiquita. I’m back on the hunt! In the meantime, if I have to (which certainly looks to be the case), I will finish the painting with these two little guys. And my fatties. 

Rocking the Aspen Trail. That’d be a wrap ladies and gentlemen. I invite you to immerse in even more aspen trees by signing up for the Art Giveaway. It features my most popular aspen painting. And check out the umbrellas inspired by my artwork in my Contrado store, for the perfect Christmas gift.

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