Rock around the Hollyhock Clock

Rock around the Hollyhock Clock

July 1, 2024, Monday — Rock around the Hollyhock clock! The Hollyhock Rock clock in this case. It’s worth rocking out on, according to experts and PhDs in hollyhock rocking. Move over Macarena! And it’s available around the clock, as the name implies. No more annoying wait times and tricky calendaring.

So, ladies and gentlemen, theys, yous, and thems, let me apologize in advance for tonight’s blog. I’m too tired to be at a keyboard, I can’t get an espresso to save my life in these parts, and I’m an uninsured typist on top of that. So read at your own risk.

I was going to tell you about today’s studio adventure. It was “first paint” day today and that’s always a big deal. That’s the day, once a painting is conceived, underpainted, and “composed” with a faint charcoal sketch(ish), when I mix the palette for the first time and start applying brushstrokes. It was actually a wildly productive first paint day if I do say so myself. I love the palette and am very excited despite being ready to fall asleep. Somehow I worked out there in this unbelievable heat for seven hours. My studio is 95 degrees inside on a day like this, that’s after it’s aired out and cooled off.

Put on your blue suede shoes

If you’ve read my blog from before I drove off a writing cliff 18 months ago (that’s what happens when you type tired!), you know I survive using the very sophisticated evaporative process. Which is code for keeping my clothes wet every hour or so. I have a large reusable ice cube maker (the size of a dish tub) and I make a new cube every night that I add to my cooling ablution bucket. I normally work barefoot in the summer, but today, I wore my old frozen wool Haflingers as the day wore on. And blue they are. Pulled them out of the freezer and dipped them in the ice water bucket along with everything else. Ahh, EXCEPTIONAL!! Then, I was thinking how cool, and I mean this literally, but not really, I actually was using it metaphorically, it would be to have a frozen floor mat, you know, thin interlocking icepack squares that you unfold into a mat, then fold back up again and refreeze.

Okay, I’m losing the point here. Oh, yes, so instead of telling you about the new piece I’m working on, whatever it’s called, TBD, I want to show you Hollyhock Rock one of my new pieces that you haven’t heard about. We have some catching up to do! Time to cue up “Rock around the Hollyhock Clock” for the SEO gods. They love it when I repeat myself.

And to wrap up, they always like me to mention things like Rolex, Maldives, Mediterranean yachting, and the French Laundry.

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