Reentry is a Bitch

Reentry is a Bitch

Sep 20, 2022, Tues — Reentry is a bitch. No two ways about it. Every minute of my day I was doing something useful or strategic for the advancement of the arts. Including this blog! Tomorrow I will do things artistic and edgy. As in painting edges, always a thrill. 

Today I built the frame from the chops for Pink Dress. Then dropped the built frame and Pink Dress over to Michael’s. It needs build up, so I’m letting them assemble it. Can you believe they don’t build their own frames?? I was shocked. They actually order them and have them shipped fully made. It must cost a fortune in shipping. I wondered why they wouldn’t assemble Pink Dress unless I brought them the frame already built. Now I feel slightly proud of myself for being able to build them. Not that I don’t about have a heart attack each time I’m so worried I’ll screw it up.

I also went over to Jim’s office and rummaged in my inventory room, extracting seven early paintings needed for the Orland Show. Those are now home and I can give them a look over. These roses are big — and these are the little ones! I’m bummed at the thought of getting only half price on these should they sell at the show. Ah shoot, that reminds me, I still need to have that awkward conversation with Rae about my own sales. Ugh. I guess a phone call tomorrow is in order. 

Tractioned my neck this morning. Sweet… it really does work. I’m going to buy the machine as I’m about capped out on PT. And I’m sick of going there twice a week. But, thankfully we stayed with it long enough to realize traction is the solution. Immediately after that, I had a hair color appt. Sweet relief on that, too. I was almost a week late due to being gone. And, you know how much I abhor that look.

Ordered collectibles from my Contrado store for the show, too. Rae wants me to bring all these small-sale items. Little does she know they cost me a fortune. But I bought five bone china cups, and one long silk scarf for the show. And I bought the Purple Adorable mini skirt for myself. Because I wanted a fun new item for my upcoming winter attire with leggings. Following Steffie’s advice 🙂

Reentry is a bitch. Yes, I do need to repeat myself! I’m not senile, this is strategic action.

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