Redwood Sunshine and Other Delights

Redwood Sunshine and Other Delights

July 7, 2022 — Redwood Sunshine and other delights, that’s what’s on the agenda today. I finished the Redwood painting, as in fully polished. It is still unsigned, but that will wait till the paint is dry or at least dryer. 

I’ll post a picture, but it’s a little washed out at the top from the studio lights. Can’t wait to get the final image capture in a few weeks. 

So that covers Redwood Sunshine and Other Delights refers to the two other paintings that I did corrections on. One was Palm Sunset which was a teeny tiny change to make the line of the ocean truly horizontal. It had been about ½ degree tilted upward and that slight deviation from the horizontal or vertical has become my big light bulb no-no. 

The big delight came when I pulled out Enchanted Forest. I had brought it to the studio when they had not found a fit for it in the Highland Art Center show, hoping upon my big aha about the slight tilt, I might be able to fix it. It was the one dominant tree that was in question and it had quite a tilt to it, probably 3-4 degrees. And I decided, yes! It was worth giving it a try. The thickness of the paint next to the tree was not so much that the underlying texture would be a problem. And the “shim” I planned to give to the tree was so slight we are not talking about a huge area. 

I have more to do tomorrow to evaluate and finish it up, but basically, I think it’s going to help! It will be interesting to see how it looks back at home, hung in the kitchen. 

Below is an after and before of Enchanted Forest. I’m as curious as you to see the comparison. Darn, I cannot get the photos to sit side by side, so it’s difficult to compare. But there they are.

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