Redwood Forest Painting is Taking Form

Redwood Forest Painting is Taking Form

July 3, 2022 — The redwood forest painting is taking form. I put in another four hours on it today, weaving around some lovely phone calls. It was really fun last night showing photos of it in progress to the attendees of the art show. Seeing the photos gave them get a better sense of what au premier coup (first coup) painting is. As it happened, the bio the gallery prepared for me exaggerated my skill. It said I put every brushstroke where I intended it to stay on the first try. What I had written for them was that the intention is to place every brushstroke where I want it to stay on the first try. Big difference.

One woman, after reading the bio, challenged me on this point (love it!), and I explained what had happened and that it is my striving and intention which I do make good on it about 90% of the time. The rest I do have to rework, whether by rubbing the mistake off with a Q-tip, or right that moment, just laying a thicker streak of paint over the mistake.

Kind of shocking how little I got done in four hours today. I guess the phone calls were a little distracting. Plus I’m still tired from the art show. I almost cashed it in early but ended up with a second wind.

Strange weather today! The high was 81 but it felt cooler as it was overcast all day. Google shows on and off rain, but I didn’t see any. Would’ve loved that. Crossing fingers for tonight.

Have I rambled enough?

Gosh I’m tired and hungry and have a zoom call with V in less than an hour. Love to finish this and make some food. How much rambling can I do to add up to 300 words? 

The redwood forest painting is taking form. Oh, right, thank you, that is the point of this blog today! So what can I tell you? It’s a redwood forest scene where the late day sun is reaching its long summer arm into the forest lighting it up from one side. It’s quite lit up for a redwood forest. Very colorful.

In the meantime, I’m sending you a warm invite to sign up for my monthly newsletter. You will be the first to see this painting when it is completed. 

Redwood Forest Painting taking form, by Lauren Forcella
Redwood Forest Painting taking form, by Lauren Forcella
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