Powerful Symbolism of Plumeria

Powerful Symbolism of Plumeria

June 9, 2022 — What powerful symbolism of plumeria! I sent my new plumeria painting to a few friends today, to add a little sunshine to their day and show them my newest painting. As a result, my friend, V responded with this great article on the powerful symbolism of the plumeria. Now I see why the painting lights up my day every time I see it in the studio and on my phone. Look at the huge variety of symbolism for this flower from around the world!

Powerful Symbolism of Plumeria

The following is excerpted from https://gardenerdy.com/plumeria-flower-meaning/

Plumeria, commonly known as frangipani, is one of the sweetest and most pleasant flowers with many meanings and symbolism associated with it. Plumeria is native to sub-tropical or tropical climates, and commonly found in Southern, Central America, and southern Asia. There are nearly three hundred plumeria varieties, but the ‘Plumeria alba’ is the most popular one and are found in white, cream, yellow, pink, and red colors. They have a powerful fragrance, that gets stronger at night.

Powerful Symbolism of Plumeria

Plumeria flowers represent a new beginning. These flowers symbolize beauty, charm, and grace. Secondly, they represent spring, new life, new beginning, or birth. The plumeria stands for both, creation and recreation. It also stands for paragon or flawlessness.

Hawaiian significance:

  • The plumeria flower has a special significance in the Hawaiian culture, as it symbolizes everything that is positive. It is used for making leis and jewelry in Hawaii.

Hindu Significance:

  • Plumeria flowers are use for deity worship among Hindus. Dedication and devotion are the qualities represented by this flower. Plumeria is also used for South Indian weddings. In some parts of South India, garlands of plumeria flowers are used in weddings. Sometimes, the flowers are also worn in the bride’s hair.

Buddhism significance:

  • In Buddhism, plumeria flowers signify immortality. This is because the plant can bear flowers even after it is uprooted.

Mayan significance:

  • Did you know that plumeria flowers are found in ancient Mayan art? The Mayans associated these flowers with life and birth.

Chinese significance:

  • In the Chinese culture, plumeria are considered more special than orchids and are associated with love. A lover usually gives this flower to his beloved to express his feelings.

Vietnamese significance:

  • According to the Vietnamese culture, the plumeria flower is believed to have healing powers. In ancient times, it was used for treating inflammation on the skin.

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Powerful symbolism of Plumeria. New work by Lauren Forcella, Island Plumeria.
Powerful symbolism of Plumeria. New work by Lauren Forcella, Island Plumeria.
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