Plumeria Passion

Plumeria Passion

Aug 15, 2022, Mon — Thank God, I finished it. Took. All. Day. But it’s done. Plumeria passion, you took it out of me my dear! Maybe a brushstroke here or there when I return to the studio on Wednesday.

I’m utterly exhausted. And soo glad to be done. I haven’t felt this relieved to be finished with a painting for awhile. Possible it’s the after-effect from Jay-day. I survived to (hopefully) thrive again, thanks to this intense color, and now, thank you very much, I need sleep.

Plus it’s so effing hot in there. I could feel my hot eyeballs this afternoon. I know you don’t believe me, but it’s been 108 the last three days. And the stress of the smoke. Fortunately, both smoky days started out in the red, but then the pressure systems beat the smoke back and it wasn’t bad at all the rest of the day. We’re in the yellow green, 27-30 range, right now. Whereas immediately to the west in poor Weaverville, which my show narrowly escaped, is in the 400s. Ugh. I’m lucky to be finished with the painting before it stays unhealthy all day and effectively shuts the studio down.

On a better note

Two more weeks and I take my show down from NVAL here in Redding. I’m glad. It’s just too hot and well….  Oh, never mind

I’m heading to Colorado as soon as the show is down. Coco says these are federal fires and they will just let them burn. So hello smoke (choke) till we get rain. Which could be November for all we know. Praying for a lucky break later this month.

Two out of town visitors are coming to my show this week! Joan, tomorrow and Anne on Thursday. They are not serious shoppers, they are new friends who love my art, and I’ve been wanting to meet them in person for a long time. Excited! Especially to be unburdened and between paintings. 

I’m hoping I get my computer back tomorrow. Pretty please…

Alright, well, can’t think of much more to write about that would be blog friendly. As they say, don’t talk about sex, politics, or religion with your extended family, haha. Well, except for plumeria passion 🙂

Plumeria Passion, 30 x 45 in, oil on canvas, iphone shot, by Lauren Forcella
Plumeria Passion, 30 x 45 in, oil on canvas, by Lauren Forcella (iphone shot)
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