Plumeria Painting Day Three

Plumeria Painting Day Three

June 7, 2022 — Plumeria painting day three. Didn’t quite finish today, but that’s okay. I got a late start and left right at 5PM it was so dang hot in there. Tomorrow. It is such a fun painting! Makes me really happy when I walk in the door. Especially next to Pele… the combo is just so Hawaii. The delicate and tropical blooms next to the raw, elemental earth forces of magma and newly hardened lava: the state of creation before botany even exists.  

Plumeria painting day three… aka Frangipani! Not a lot to share on the painting, I added the final large petal and started in on the background leaves and buds. Tons of admin to do today, I’ve been working since I got home at 6PM and it’s now 9:14. All I did was resize on photoshop and enter 2 new paintings that are back from image capture, but there are so many steps to log the information in correctly at each juncture even before you load onto the website. That’s the last step, and the easiest. First you have to figure everything out, all the print sizes and prices, resize the image 12 ways to Sunday for all the other websites, like Saatchi and Fine Art America which have their own JPG size requirements, and log each of those things into the right folders with the right labels. 

Oh joy. Aren’t you excited to know this?

House of Coco is giving me another interview this fall. They wrote me today… amazing! And a place called Kaleido reached out and wants to represent me. It’s an online impressionistic art gallery, looks like just a few artists so far. I will have to do a little research after this to make sure not a scam. I certainly welcome the additional exposure if it is all they are saying. 

But back to the main even, which is plumeria painting day three! Duh!! And don’t forget to sign up for the Art Giveaway!

Plumeria Painting Day Three by artist, Lauren Forcella
Plumeria, 18 x 36″ oil on canvas by Lauren Forcella, incomplete
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Lauren Forcella

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Painting nature is my way of being devotional to this beautiful planet we’ve been born to. I strive to bring onto the canvas the livingness, aliveness, and wildness of this wonderland we call Earth… Read More

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