Pele Flew onto the Canvas

Pele Flew onto the Canvas

May 31, 2022 — Pele flew onto the canvas today. Only day 3 and already complete! I actually can’t think of when this has happened with a painting of this size before, at least in my current period. My early impressionistic work I would do work this size in ONE day! But that was when I was young, naive and living on guts and nerves. It is 30 x 40 in and really was like Pele flew onto the canvas. I guess she really wanted to be painted. She certainly was my biggest experience on the islands, between this scene and the earthquake 3 hours later. I may touch some parts up tomorrow after sleeping on it and seeing it fresh in the morning. I’m open to that. But, so far, I can’t find much to tweak when I look at the photos. Something’s maybe not quite right about the Southern Cross?? Tomorrow, my love. I will decide then. 

Can’t think of much else to write… my God, can’t believe you need a minimum of 300 words for SEO. Who reads that much? Pretty much nobody. Or especially nobody. And I have to write Pele flew onto the canvas one more time, haha. I’m GRATEFUL nobody’s reading this! I don’t feel so hot tonight, super tired and only 7:46PM, sun is way up still. Can’t believe only 3 weeks till summer solstice. I might force myself out the door for a brisk walk around the little hill loop (not the big hill hike, just the baby one). 

Oh, here’s something… I knew if I rambled enough I’d light on something to talk about that could be word-count worthy. I need to google or ask Josh if he knows how to, or what to put atop the painting once it’s dry to smooth out? equilibrate? equalize? level out? all the shiny paint strokes. The dark colors in both foreground and night sky are so reflective, each brushstroke catching the light, especially when I change the direction of the stroke, you’d think I’d laminated reflective tape onto it. 

Finally found something on a Q&A forum, an entry by WF Martin at Basically: varnish that puppy when you’re done and otherwise don’t worry about trying to prevent it from happening, just paint away (to paraphrase). I love this guy. We think alike. Let’s not get complicated (you should read the other entries!!). So, since I have sworn off regular vanish (and one needs to wait 6 months to use it even if I hadn’t), this might be my opportunity to try the retouch varnish I bought a while back and never used. 

Am I at 300 words yet? Oh, and may I invite you to sign up for the Art Giveaway?!

Here’s Pele…. 

Pele flew onto the canvas: Pele at Kilauea Crater, Southern Cross looking on
Pele flew onto the canvas: Pele at Kilauea Crater, Southern Cross looking on
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