Peach Tree, Day 3

Peach Tree, Day 3

April 18, 2022 —

Decent day in the studio, not bad for arriving at the crack of noon. Not much to report, more peaches, more leaves, more sky where those aren’t. Pretty much a one-motif painting, this one, seriously not much to write home about. In fact, I don’t know why it’s not boring. It seems logically like it should be, one standing there day after day applying these little brushstrokes. Not another soul around, talking to myself like it’s a psych ward and there are several of us. But for whatever the reason, whether the conversation or the painting, or perhaps the color itself has a frequency that feeds me, it’s plenty entertaining and the time absolutely flies. Or it’s creation in general. If so, think how entertained God must be to see how we turn out.

Fantastic rain this afternoon, we sure need it. The ozone was so strong it threw me back to being 3 or 4 in Grass Valley where one of my first memories is the smell of ozone along with those first big drops of rain, rushing with Mom to take the clothes off the line. 

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Painting nature is my way of being devotional to this beautiful planet we’ve been born to. I strive to bring onto the canvas the livingness, aliveness, and wildness of this wonderland we call Earth… Read More

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