Pastel Diligence

Pastel Diligence

July 31, 2022, Sun — It was a day of pastel diligence. Can’t believe I didn’t take a photo to show you! I’m out past the waves, getting into the deep sea now, and metaphorically, a little over my head. Glad there will be no more full-day interruptions and I can finish wet. 

Right at the day’s end, L and J facetimed to announce the news. Yep, that kind of news. They didn’t have to wait long to get a baby started. Bun in the oven nine wonderful weeks and so healthy the doc said they could make an announcement in the Aspen Times. But they decided to just call a few key VIPs instead. 

Really tripping me out!! Gramma? Nona might be better?? We need a good sassy nickname. 

At least it is superseding (mostly), the low-grade ruminations on A. Like that feeling I got after the journey in Fairfax, that perhaps I have all I could ever want with this amazing family I created. All is well, even if pastel for a minute. If something is meant to be, you can’t do anything wrong. Words to live by 🙂

Sigh. Bigger sigh. Yawn. Burp. That’s better…

Oh, gosh, need to send Valdo’s class announcement to C.A. Done. Hah, got hung up catching up on John Naughton’s blogs. Okay, back. But, I really have nothing to say today. What can I say? It’s another day in the desert of Redding. Romance desert, social-life desert, political discourse desert, hiking desert (ironic living in all this nature and not being safe to trek through it alone. (And for that I could join a hiking group, but, well… oh geez). Thank God for telephones, facetime, and zoom. And purpose. And that feeling blue, or even pale blue as the day requires, is rare.

Pastel diligence. An apt title! Colors are muted. I am diligent and on purpose anyway. And we all know that purpose, creation, and faith create their own boldness. Hours like this fade to from pale to nothing. I do truly believe the paintings will airlift me out of here eventually. They are key to leaving behind all aspects of the desert. Hey, they are my Moses!

For now, buy yourself something fun from the Lauren Forcella Collectibles Store! Your retail therapy will make me feel better 🙂

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