Palm Tree and Sunset Composition

Palm Tree and Sunset Composition

June 10, 2022 — Today I completed the palm tree and sunset composition. Excited to start with first paint on my first palm tree tomorrow. That got me wondering about the spiritual symbolism of the palm tree. Here is what I found from You may go to that link to read the whole thing.

Palm Tree Meaning & Symbolism

When we think of palm trees, most of us see sandy beaches and sunny skies. This is somewhat true to form, as the palm tree is one of the solar symbols. Like other solar symbols, the palm tree is bold and represents many strong characteristics.

Truth, honor, valor, and expansion are only a few, but they are quite crucial to this towering giant’s symbolism. As a solar symbol, most of the palm’s traits are masculine in nature. However, it also bears fruit, making it equally feminine. Thus, we have a perfectly balanced unity and integration of genders and characteristics.

Palm tree

This is the first of several ways that the palm tree symbolism also represents great achievements, for to have such a pristine balance between the genders and their respective traits are quite an achievement.

Palms Symbolic Meanings

The height of palm trees plays a large part in their symbolism and interpretation. Because they are so tall, they stand above most other things, having a better viewpoint. For us, this means that we must consciously try to achieve a higher vantage point in life, especially when we encounter challenging situations.

Palm tree meanings tell us that we should aspire to achieve more by clearly defining our goals, spotting opportunities, and reaching for the stars in order to accomplish our dreams. Some of the spiritual attributes pertaining to the palm tree symbolic meanings include freedom, righteousness, reward, resurrection, returning happily from a journey, and victory.

In the realm of love and relationships, palms certainly symbolize fertility. The trunk or spine of palms is erect, making them an obvious phallic symbol. Conversely, the fruits of these trees represent the female ovaries.

Additionally, the long, thin, and tall palm tree makes a clear candidate for a symbol of longevity because of its height and its ability to produce fruit for many years. Palms are thus also considered to be symbols of good luck.

Historically, they marked the path for heroes returning home from a battle, lucky to have survived and prevailed. There, the palms served as a symbol to welcome home and an assurance of safety.

So, good luck must have been mine today on the palm tree and sunset composition, because it went right up — my first palm tree! Please remember to sign up for the art giveaway!

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