Palm Sunset SOLD

Palm Sunset SOLD

Aug 23, 2022, Tues — Wow, exciting day here on the ranch, metaphorically speaking, at least about the ranch. Palm Sunset sold! BJ, the doctor who bought Napa Sunset last month, is the new owner. He had inquired last week about it, shortly after it went out in the last newsletter, which was his first newsletter, because I’d just signed him up following his other purchase. 

He emailed asking about the brushwork on it, wondering if it was as thick as Napa Sunset, which he was able to see in person in Napa. I told it was not nearly as thick as that (one of my thickest paintings to date), and told him to do a closeup on the website to see, and also invited him to Facetime and I would show him a live closeup under the studio lights. He just replied one word, “thank you” to all that, and I didn’t hear from him again. I thought he wasn’t interested. Then, bang, he comes roaring back with a negotiation, and I got the shipping cost, and sent him the numbers and done deal!! He wasted no time owning this piece. 

I guess he and his wife needed to ruminate on it, and once they decided…  wow, do I love people who know what they want!

Palm Sunset sold! Can you believe it?! And thank goodness because I spent $6000 last month on my credit card. The spending moratorium I’d been on created a backlog of things I needed to buy and take care of. It’s been a little manic, but I was horrified when I got the statement yesterday. And today, problem solved! 

On another note, I am running another FB post on the billboard contest. This time with the long list of steps to vote. Fine Art America really needs some new software! I practically had to write a manual so people could navigate the voting process. I reached out to 7-8 friends today and sent the “instructions”. More friends tomorrow. It’s push time.

Here is the link to vote for Aspen Sky . There are two other paintings to vote for as well. Check the last newsletter, or today’s post on FB for details.

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