Painting Plumeria Day Two

Painting Plumeria Day Two

June 6, 2022 — Painting Plumeria Day Two. The flower that seems to define the Islands. And so many different colors! I decided on a pink, yellow, orange variety to paint. The yellows are so vibrant, but I think overall, it looks pink. Or orange. Or yellow pink orange. I haven’t painted flowers for so long other than the last two, red tulip and zinnia phiz. Oh, and the two nasturtium paintings, although those were part of a larger composition, whereas red tulip, zinnia phiz, and pink plumeria are flower closeups. They are a nice diversion. The closeup quality of these last three reminds me of my rose period only using the thick paint of my new style. And they are small, whereas the roses were huge. The petals of plumeria do not lend themselves to my current fat stroke, mosaic style, however, so I’m using strokes that are long and thick and joined, no canvas showing. The nasturtiums were conducive for a mosaic style, though. Just thinking out loud. I’ll have to think of flowers that are segmented… hmmm

Painting Plumeria Day Two… got a lot done, almost all the petals are complete (at least in “first draft”), just one more and then the leaves and background. Might finish it tomorrow.. I will say that working like I am now with a lot of paint is not easy to get right. During my rose period, I blended the paints with a fan brush for that perfected museum quality look and, believe it or not,  that was easy compared to what I am doing now using thick brushstrokes. To the untrained eye, the opposite appears to be true, but what I am doing now is considerably more challenging. Hmmm… the shadow details need some work, or maybe will skip them altogether?? We’ll see…

Hot today, but nothing like what is coming. The amazing rains of the last three days stopped and the sun came out in force. Although still only 89 today, which is considered moderate. I’m not sure why it feels so much hotter than that in the studio, but I’ve got a trash bin of water that I’m staying dipped in. Works quite well at these temps… not so well when it’s 115.

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Painting Plumeria Day Two
Painting Plumeria Day Two. A pink & yellow plumeria. 18 x 36 in, oil on canvas by Lauren Forcella, incomplete

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