Painting Finished!

Painting Finished!

Oct 28, 2022, Fri — Painting finished! Yay! As predicted I was in the studio less than an hour and got that last little blip handled. So excited to be able to share it here. 

After that, I spent the day catching on domestic chores and knocking out some admin/marketing stuff. I finally vacuumed! There’s a concept. What an amazing device the vacuum cleaner. All that suction! With the flick of a switch it sucks all the crap out of your life. Now if we could make one for our minds, haha. 

Oh, goodness, I’m so so very tired. I only got two hours sleep last night, some kind of crazy light was on inside me and I couldn’t fall out. I’m sure it was due to having that interview last night at 8PM. I could not shut off.

So this is really going to be a blah, blah, blaag tonight because I have nothing in the tank. Well, maybe a complaint. Or an insight for anybody else out there who does their own marketing. This: I think using the FB/IG Meta post creator and scheduler lowers how much they will send your post out. I’ve used it for the last two posts and the performance was significantly weaker than when I post spontaneously. I hate Meta. I really do. I’m grateful there is such a thing I can use for my marketing. But it always feels like they are playing games with us. Like this. Supposedly a convenience. But at a price.

If I had known, I wouldn’t have used it. I put up a “fresh off the easel” painting at 5PM on FB tonight, and normally those will have 600-700 likes by now. But FB is plain and simple not distributing it. It’s a really fab painting, too (Champagne Beach) and I was excited for another 1.2K post. But three hours later, there’s only 102 likes on it! That’s ridiculous. They so creep me out.

Well, live and learn. I probably will keep using it for IG, which never performs well for me anyway. And I hated having to do that “by hand” on my mobile. I sucked at posting to IG for that reason. So I’ll use it for IG since the performance seems just as dismal as before. But FB, wow! No more.

All right, then, that rant woke me up. If you get a minute, browse my originals gallery and sign up a friend to receive my monthly newsletter. Or even better, go on my FB page and like Champagne Beach 🙂

Painting Finished! Aspen Trail is inspired by my hike to the base of Capitol Mtn. in Colorado earlier this fall.

Aspen Trail, 40 x 30 in, oil on canvas by Lauren Forcella (iphone shot from studio)
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Lauren Forcella

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Painting nature is my way of being devotional to this beautiful planet we’ve been born to. I strive to bring onto the canvas the livingness, aliveness, and wildness of this wonderland we call Earth… Read More

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