Paint Just Flowed Off the Brush

Paint Just Flowed Off the Brush

July 1, 2022 — It was a fantastic day two on the redwoods painting. The paint just flowed off the brush. Can’t believe what I got done… and it’s only day two. Tomorrow, not sure if I’m going in to the studio or not. I have to be at the art show in Weaverville by 4:30, that means leave here at 3:30 all cleaned up and fed, so I will probably do computer work tomorrow and return to the painting on Sunday. You know how I hate to interrupt a painting with a day off! It’s like leaving a baby unattended. Really quite anxiety producing. 

Plus I’m just so excited about a painting in progress. It’s all I really want to do! This other stuff is totally annoying!! Actually… I could pop over in morning for a couple hours. Those two-hour days always amaze me and that would leave plenty of time to eat lunch back here, shower and get ready. I’m into this plan already!

Who is that masked artist?

Speaking of anxiety producing, this opening tomorrow has me a bit edgy and all because of the masking, or I should say lack thereof. I would like to mask, but I strongly doubt anyone else will be wearing one. As in nobody. Not to mention ruining my lovely outfit and neutering my amazing new lipstick. 

I was all set mentally to NOT mask for the first time in a large group, then I saw F tonight at their new house. She and M asked me to come over and help pick from carpet swatches. She was telling me that the cases are higher than ever and hospitalizations are up. I was thinking maybe the spike I had seen in my friend group last month was flattening, but F said just the opposite.  So now I’m back to thinking I should wear the black surgical masks that I bought.

Buck it up and wear the mask. Isn’t that a weird thing to say? I mean listen to that: It takes more courage to buck social pressure and wear the mask than to risk getting Covid. Usually I don’t give a hoot socially, and mask everywhere, quite religiously, with my trusty duckbill N95, but this being MY show and knowing “old friends” or “local followers” will be showing up, many of them right wing and disdainful at best of masking, I’m feeling the social pressure. And I’m feeling like I will make a better impression and have a better chance of sales then and going forward if I am mask-free. What would Cowan say? He’d say it’s not a contagion it just appears to be one. Where many 5G phones are gathered… ? But is he right? And have we adapted?

OMG, I was leaning forward so much just then! My poor neck. I really need to get the bigger monitor so I can sit back and still see the words. I will do it now and just see the words impressionistically, haha.

The paint just flowed off the brush today. Isn’t that my “focus keyphrase”? Yes, it is, she answers her own rhetorical question, and that is why I have to repeat it. I love to see those green smiley faces. 

I hope to see all my imaginary blog readers at the show tomorrow. Reception is July 2, 4:30-8PM at the Highland Art Center in Weaverville, CA. Be there or be square. And wear your mask 🙂 

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