Orland Art Show Delivery

Orland Art Show Delivery

Sep 26, 2022, Mon — Today was the Orland art show delivery. My gosh, I had a moment loading the Prius wondering if it would all fit. It was only 21 paintings and I’ve delivered 25 as my max so far, but this was a different kind of load. Rae Turnbull, the owner, and very amazing Rae Rae, wanted to show my roses as well as my impressionistic work. She talked me into it. Thus five 36 x 48-inch paintings were in the load and two of these were framed. Plus there was a third framed painting, Cedar Sky. The net result: the load was right up to the top of the ceiling. It was actually very cool to see the roses under gallery lights when I unpacked. 

My prediction: Everyone will love them more than my new work. They are stunners to be sure! Which only means that I will continue what I’m doing. Not to worry, you impressionistas out there. I’m sticking with the Van Gogh impasto style. 

Talked to KC while I ate breakfast, then CA while I was driving to Orland. And then LP on the way home. And then AKA after I got home and was chilling with my legs up on bolsters. I don’t know what I’d do without my friends. 

Tomorrow is a studio day, finally. I should have sized up what I have in there in terms of canvases when I dashed in and out over the weekend to stow the new abstracts. Well, it will be a surprise. I think I’d like to work on the next Napa painting. I’d love to have something to take to Paraduxx on the way to hang the show in Sonoma County, Nov 10. I’ve got enough time to make this painting, including image capture and framing if I get on it. I just wish I had a more solid subject that the one I am considering. 

Hmmm… which makes me remember that AD is wanting to commission a yoni painting. Hah! I was going to blow her off, interesting choice of words, but now after this abstract class, I’m going to suggest I do it as an abstract. That’s much more attractive to me. If she’s still hot on it. Which I think she is. She’s gone yoni crazy since discovering the word. 

Well, what else is new and exciting? Ran my letters out four times in Scrabble just now. Not sure if it was the right hand or the left. They are such tough competitors!! And just finished Things Fall Apart, the 1958 novel by Chinua Achebe, the Nigerian author. Such an important book about the cataclysmic end of Igbo ways as the missionaries arrive, not only with a new religion, but a new government under the queen. Two sequels to follow in the trilogy. I’m on a wait list. 

And therein concludes my blog, Orland Art Show Delivery. A warm invitation to check out my calendar and come to the show’s opening reception, Oct 7, 3-7PM

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