One More Day to finish the Painting

One More Day to finish the Painting

June 20, 2022— Almost there! One more day to finish the painting of the palm tree. The perfect palm tree. Maybe I’ll title it Palm Reading, haha. 

It’s looking quite divine if I do say so myself. She says as she sits here typing with an erect spine and neutral head. I’ve hooked my laptop up to a real keyboard that I had lying around and have cranked up the screen size so I can push the screen away from me and thus can look out, not down. Next, I need a bigger monitor, which I will look into scrounging. I used to have a spare and I’m not sure if I unloaded it to Goodwill… sadly I think I did. 

But, enough of my physical therapy applications. The palm tree is looking good. One more day to finish the painting, that day being tomorrow, God willing. Tomorrow being lots of looking, contemplating, small tweaks here and there, a good-to-great day. Today, I got all the paint on. I was on the top half finishing the palm itself and all the sky around it. Once the frond details were done, I got out my biggest brush, which I love for a broad brush-stroked sky. It holds such a nice load of paint and puts it on so deliberately in such a nice wide swath. It’s also my favorite brush for going over things I don’t like so much because even wet on wet, the heavy load it carries will cover what’s underneath in a way that looks great. Meaning not a complete coverage, but somehow a compelling coverage. 

I don’t know how to describe this awesome brush, but I love its macho aesthetic sensibility. It’s my Olympic champion brush. Honestly I wish I owned three of these brushes! I also wish I knew which brand and size it is so I could at least buy one more. For some reason, the brushes lose their labels almost on the first day I use them, so buying more of my favorites is trial and error, at least shopping online where I can’t look at them. They go rouge right out the gate!

Am I at 300 words yet? So tired, ready to drop!  In closing, a warm wonderful invite to YOU, to sign up for my newsletter.

Wow, looks like a perfect SEO and Readability score, even without an image or outbound links. Lovely. I will say goodnight then. Goodnight 🙂

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