Off to Santa Barbara

Off to Santa Barbara

July 11, 2022 — I’m off to Santa Barbara today! So excited to spend a week with my daughter. It’s been way too long with the pandemic. We almost had to delay as she came down with Covid, but she made a quick recovery and just tested negative this morning. 

So, thought I would get my blog done early in the day so I don’t have to think about it tonight. I arrive by plane at 8PM. Flying Redding, to LA, to Santa Barbara. Such is the intelligence of Orbit to get me the best ticket price. Compliments of my daughter, I will add.

It’s a work week for my daughter so I’m bringing my computer. For the last few days I’ve been jotting down computer tasks that require attention. Such as updating my Fine Art America, Saatchi Art, and Pinterest pages. Hmm, there’s always my Google and Yelp pages, too. I imagine updating the images might help in search?  

The list also includes adding Contrado designs, reworking my About the Art page on the website, my Contrado homepage block, introduce Contrado to social media. And many more such joys. Thank God for lists. Heck, for the written word! It makes us so efficient, personally and as a species to be able to stand on the shoulders of our distilled thoughts. I’m sure I’d be a complete blank down there without this list.

Not so pleasant things on the list include following up on my refund from United and Spirit Airlines, which seems never to be forthcoming. The claims are from April. Makes me wonder about buying trip insurance. Is it one of these soft steals? A refund that never come to pass unless you spend hours birddogging the claim? And also to continue pressing Muff’s accounts to get the POA validated. G said it can be a shitshow that takes centuries and he wasn’t kidding. This has also been in the works since April. WTF people?

On a better note, I’m off to Santa Barbara today! Grateful for J here holding down the fort and making sure my plants don’t keel over in this heat. AND my migraine has possibly lifted! I say possibly to make sure the jury isn’t actually in deliberation versus the courtroom adjourned. I woke with it still there, took ½ dose of Excedrin and laid on the tennis balls for 10 minutes and it seems to backed off. That was at 7AM. Now I’m trying coffee which can bring it back on. Honestly the worst part of these half-blown migraines is I can’t have coffee. The worst! 

Now, go sign up for my Art Giveaway, ya’ll. Last week 35 new signups from my FB post!

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