No Internet Today

No Internet Today

June 4, 2022— No Internet today, how crazy is this!? After spending the entire morning trying to pull up my website, pull up the zoom login for my zoom class this morning, which I finally accessed via my phone using data, I decided to call spectrum. It turns out there actually is a problem and they are sending a technician out tomorrow at 4 PM. Do you know what that means? It means I have to do my blog over my phone using data! That is how dedicated I am too doing my blog every day. what is really strange is that Google and meta-both load. I can load my Gmail I can load my Google Drive documents, I can load Facebook, I can load Instagram, but nothing else I try to load like my website, zoom, even spectrum, does not load. Oh and as an experiment I try to Amazon the other company that owns us, and even they won’t load. So that shows you who really owns us is Google and Mea. I told the guy at spectrum who was a great technician and he was really amazed that those sites would come in but everything else would time out. It seem to be not a problem in my computer because my phone has the same problem if I am using Wi-Fi..

which leads me to another book report, so sorry, but if you have not read Dave Eggers books, the first one is called The Circle and the sequel is called The Every. They are the most chilling dystopian books and so much like today it is utterly disturbing. You feel like he is talking about these exact two companies. and what I am experiencing today and which surprised the guy at spectrum as well, is right out of the book.

no Internet today! Almost forgot I need to keep saying this. Only I actually do have Internet it’s just the only Google and Meta will load, and everything else times out.

No Internet today! That should be the last time I need to write that. Now the trick will be to get to 300 words without being able to cut and paste something from the Internet.

I’m still tired from the all night in the forest and moving kind of slow. I have thought I would go into the studio today following my zoom class. But the zoom class was so exhausting doing it on the phone and I am also exhausted in general, so I am staying home today. I can’t even work on my computer unfortunately. So maybe I will take a nap. V is arriving soon anyway so that works out, she’s going to be staying for about 10 days and I’m looking forward to her company.

Oh I guess I could journal today too since my journal is located on Google Drive. Assuming content is being synced and saved??

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No Internet today so a random picture of a purple color, I think my sweatshirt up close pocket dial picture
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