Newsletter of Reckoning

Newsletter of Reckoning

Aug 20, 2022, Sat — I must be a little loopy. I basically spent all day on this newsletter — the ominous newsletter of reckoning, haha. It’s the newsletter inviting my email followers to vote in the Fine Art America billboard contest. Seriously, this is the last chance to get the rest of the votes. And I’m taking that very seriously, seriously. And somehow my migraine lifted in the middle of all this seriousness. How contrary is that?  

Not that I’m complaining! I finally feel GREAT!! V.L. and L.C. (aka Vhere’s Valdo, and Loulie), both helped me in different ways bring the letter into sharper relief. OMG, V actually told me that one sentence of mine was in “passive voice”. I could die!! That is what my stupid blog bots (as in right here, right now), are always telling me I’m weakest in. And here’s V, “ah, yeah, let’s get that out of passive voice.” (Am I in a training video right now??) V is so shocking, if I may elaborate. He also called me out on a spot where I had one extra space!!! He is my sick twin!

You would never guess in a million years that he ruled this skillset. Oh, here’s another shocking example: V developed his own font for his website!! I will never stop being amazing about that. I always admired his website and the font he was using for the primary titles. It is such a perfect match for his content. And finding those perfect font matches is an artform rarely-perfected. Then I find out it’s his own writing that he put into some kind of font generator!! And he draws the graphics himself! Absolutely incredible. 

Alright… that’s surely enough excitement for the night. If you get on my mailing list tonight, you will receive the newsletter of reckoning tomorrow morning. Don’t crash my site rushing!!

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